You Use God as a Crutch

Have you ever came across a comment like this? This comment is supposed to make you feel as though you are a weak person for needing God. This comment is to pick a bit at your self sufficiency. I am here to tell you that we do not need to take this as an insult.

I always hated when I first became a believer and I would have people say to me that God was my crutch in life. I would also get other comments along the lines of ” some people just need something to get them through life.” I felt offended because I have always considered myself a strong woman. I’ve always considered myself as self sufficient, and I grew up with the motto of “I can do anything.” But through the years I have learned the strength that I have for the hard moments in life does not come from me. If you know me personally you have seen me walk through some very difficult roads . The truth is I am able to stand and keep walking this road because I am leaning on my crutch when I need it most. I am leaning on Jesus and His promises.

So I’ve learned to let go of my pride and say He is my crutch. And yes you are right I am not enough and I am weak and I need Him. This road we walk on is tough at times. It beats you down to the ground. Sometimes you get up and you feel like you can’t keep going but you have Jesus to lean on. You have Him to lean on when you get a tough diagnosis. You have him to lean on when you are alone at night thinking about suicide. You have Him to lean on when your relationship just didn’t go as you thought. You have Him to lean on when the circumstance around you don’t add up. You have Him to lean on when you just can’t go on. And Jesus He is not only one thing. He is many things and that is why the Bible tells us that He is enough for us. Jesus is the rock we can stand on that cannot be shaken. He is our safe place, the one we run to when this world feels like its crumbling. He our fortress, our protector, our provider our salvation.

Some individuals use drugs, some use other people, some rely on money to get through life . As for me, I take a relationship with Jesus over those things any day of the week. I will proudly take my “crutch” as some like to call it. So, next time someone says to you that God is your crutch proudly respond,” He is also my rock, my fortress, my salvation and my place of safety.” Psalm 62:6.

No shame in admitting that you need Him.


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