The Sheep Are Starving

Feed my lambs, take care of my sheep and feed my sheep. This is what Jesus said to Peter after the resurrection. Notice that he states to feed His sheep twice, so it must be important . Every time before Jesus gave Peter these commands, Jesus would ask “Do you love me.” It says that by the third time Peter was hurt that Jesus would ask this.

I am beginning to think that this is the issue in the modern church. The sheep are not being taken care of or fed. Some pastors are loving themselves more than God and therefore are starving the sheep. The word of God is being placed aside and being replaced with motivational quotes. Its being replaced by  sound bites and self love rhetoric .

And the pastors are not the only one’s at fault, so are we. We need to take accountability. We love listening to sermons that tell us we will prosper, that we will reap a harvest , the sermons that make us out as the heroes of our story. We are allowing ourselves to be starved because we ourselves do not go to God’s word to be fed. Instead we keep ingesting what will not satisfy.

Then when the enemy comes around seeking whom he may devour, as the word tells, he will go for the weak. The one’s that do not know God’s word and cannot fight off his lies. If you are not being fed the word of God by the pastor, if you are not feeding yourself from the word of God, what will happen? What truth will you have to deter his lies?

Do you remember the story of the temptation of Jesus? Do you remember that the enemy came to Jesus after He had been fasting for forty days? What did Jesus say  when the enemy asked him to turn the stones into bread so that He may eat? What did Jesus say?

But  He answered and said “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Matt 4:04

The enemy was talking to the flesh here, Jesus had not eaten in 40 days but Jesus being wisdom answered spiritually. He answered the enemy, and left a truth here that we do not only need food for our body but we need the word of God as sustenance for our spirit. We need the word of God to actually live. He compares the word of God to our basic need of food to survive.

Friends, if you are not truly being fed by your pastor, your starving. If you are not keeping to the word of God for your daily bread, you are starving.

I encourage you to pick up your bible and begin to read it. Begin to know God deeper. Even if you do not understand, ask God for wisdom and be brave enough to begin. Do not only rely on your pastor. While the pastor is to feed the sheep and care for, it is not only up to him , it is also up to you .

Begin to rely on the good shepherd, Jesus, to lead the way .




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