The Sad Truth

We cannot continue to treat God in such a dismissive manner. We cannot continue to only speak to Him when we are in need but rather we need to be in relationship with Him so that when something does happen, because it will, we will have peace and know that the God we serve has it all under control.

We use God and call Him to pay the check when we realize we are out of funds. We ignore Him but call on Him when we are stuck in a well and need a rope. But as soon as He shows up and saves us we return to our lost lives and let Him know we will call Him next time we need Him and set him aside for another rainy day.

Its time we stop acting this way and begin to humble ourselves and just stop calling Him when we are need but start having a real relationship with Him. A relationship where we are accountable to Him and do the right thing because we love Him. A relationship were our hearts are close to Him and our lives become holly.

Did you ever have someone in your life that used you? Someone who only called when they needed something? How about someone who said they loved you but then you found out they were loving every body else?

The sad truth is, that’s exactly what we do to God. We use Him when it is convenient to us. We call Him only when we are in trouble and we say we love Him but we love the world instead.

It is time for a change my friend.



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