I Struggle Like Saul

Saul was the first appointed King when the people of Israel requested to be like everybody else and asked God for a King. As I read through 1st Samuel I thought I wanted to write about the difference between King David, the one who killed a giant with a stone, and King Saul. But the more I read the more I was shown that I need to talk about how much we , I, struggle like Saul to attain acceptance from others  and how that will only lead to failing God.

You see when Saul became King he worried about how the people viewed him, he worried about being accepted, liked, and favored. Although God had made him King , Saul suffered from wanting the approval of man.He chose to disobey God to make the people happy. With this disobedience he questioned the authority of God and His timing. This eventually cost him and his lineage the kingdom.

After King Saul had lost favor with God, God chose a King for himself, his name was David. David the one who we quote as ” a man after God’s own heart.” Through out his story we see David choosing Gods timing, choosing Gods voice instead of the voice of the people. David knew who he was and where his identity was rooted.

While people are so loved by God we are an unfaithful. With the fall our hearts became so fickle. We waver with our yes and our no’s. We love someone one day then another on a different day. We change our minds so quickly and our loyalties change as well. But not God. God does not change and God does not waver.

I can go back and think about times were I have done the wrong thing just to have people like me. At times I have placed my integrity and my beliefs to the side while I enjoy the acceptance of others. Those others that when given the chance would not think twice about deserting me. Those others that will be on my side until something better more suitable for them comes along.

I want to set you free and tell you that you don’t owe anyone anything. God is the only one you should be concerned with. Stop posting with the wrong motives. Stop showing of for the masses and concern yourself with showing off for the eyes of the only one that matters. Start living for His honor and His glory. When you stand with the Lord others will gravitate towards you for that reason, because they can trust that you are accountable to someone higher than yourself. They can trust in who you are because of whos you are.








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