Pain is a Necessity

Pain has taught me so much. It has taught me to appreciate what I have. It has taught me that forgiveness is possible and that I am way stronger than I thought I was. I don’t want to experience pain because well its painful, but its definitely a necessity of life.

I remember the first time I felt the true sting of pain. The one where you feel like throwing up and falling to the ground at the same time. The kind of pain that doesn’t let you sleep at night and has you swirling suicidal thoughts. The kind that has you questioning your sanity.Pain that makes you punish your body willingly and deprive it of food in hopes of just wasting away. I don’t think I had known true pain until that day. But it was pain that brought me to the feet of my savior. It was pain that made me realize that I needed saving and that the only way I would get through this valley would be with someone stronger than myself.

The pain I felt that day was a consequence of some one else’s decision and not my own. When pain comes because of our own actions its a bit easier to bear but like with me that’s not always the case or maybe life just happened and there is no reason for your pain but its there anyway. It doesn’t matter how pain arrived at your doorstep and made itself a guest in your life but God is more than capable of using it to make a better you, a stronger you, a you that mirrors the creator.

He will use it to show you that you are capable of doing things you never thought possible like forgiving the unforgiveable. He will walk you through it and you will become a stronger you because of it. He will use it to show you that life can be beautiful even after what you have been through. And this pain will not only help one but it will help all. Because God will use that pain to show others that it does not need to be the end of themselves. To feel pain is to discard us of our vanities of our weakness.

The pain I felt that day will slowly be forgotten but who I became because of it will not. I will forever know that forgiveness is a choice. I will forever know that whatever the enemy thought would kill me only made me stronger. I will forever know that the love of God will not allow pain to overtake me. I will forever be grateful for the pain that brought me to His feet and the pain I am still going through that reveals glimpses of my heavenly father every day.

Friend, whatever pain you might be experiencing do not fight it. Embrace the pain and invite God into your situation. That pain is a signal of what is broken inside or what has been broken inside that needs the hand of its creator to repair it. Tell Him if you feel like its unfair, tell Him if your angry, tell Him if you feel like you cant go on because this seems just to much to for you to bear. Then take His hand and let Him show you just how much like your heavenly father you are.




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