“Worry into Worship”

Have you heard the song ” So Will I” by Hillsong Worship? That song has been my inspiration in this season of waiting.

Waiting is not one of my strengths. At this moment with our fast internet, our get it now mentality waiting is something of a lost art. I loose sleep over the things that I keep waiting for. I try to figure out ways to make them happen and I tire myself out. In the background I hear God saying that in time it will come.

I keep asking God when, I keep asking God how. I exhaust myself trying to figure it out. How can I have faith when I cannot see it coming in the distance? How can I have faith when I don’t see the wheels turning or the wind changing? Then I find the song ” So will I” while searching for another song. I play it all week because I feel there is message for me there. Then my friend sends me a link and asks if I had heard this song, and guess what song it is, yep that same song I been playing for about a week on repeat. So now I really need to listen. It took me about two weeks to quiet my soul and ask and seek what I was being told.

If you know me there is no surprise that one of my favorite things is worship. I love singing to God and getting to connect with him through song. At times I don’t know what to pray but I know singing will get my point across. God knows us intimately and cares so much that to get His point across to his hard headed daughter he used worship.So everyday on my way to work and on my way home I played that song. Endlessly I played that song. I focused on the lyrics and what it brought to my heart when I listened to it.

It speaks about the mass greatness of God as a creator. He has no point of reference, He is the ancient one. He spoke everything into existence. How big is our God that He created galaxies! All of creation worships Him. The stars by shinning, the sun by rising, the animals by just doing what they were created to do are in worship. There It was!

His message to me was simple but yet so deep.

“Yesenia I am so big, I spoke the galaxies into existence do you not think I have this covered? Yesenia I made all creation and all of it worships me, it worships me all the time without ceasing. Yesenia, truly leave it in my hands and just worship me. That is all you have to do, worship. You have done your part in what you are waiting for now just sit there in peace and worship me. I love you I created you and everything around you. Turn that worry into worship because when you worship you are elevating me above your problems. You are elevating me above the things that are getting in the way.”

That was the message. So friends I ask you to do one thing, replace my name with your name and hear the Father tell you this today. I will say it again “Turn that worry into worship.”





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