“You Better Recognize”

You better recognize what a big sinner you are because once you do you will be able to love much. It is said that God favors the humble but resists the proud and so it is with the Pharisee and the Sinful Woman who anoints Jesus in Luke chapter 7 verses 36-50.

Its basically a story about a Pharisee ,a Jewish person who strictly follows the written law, and a sinful women who does the unthinkable.What you need to understand is that Pharisees thought themselves better than others. Instead of having a relationship with God and be driven by love they followed rules and regulations thinking that their works gave them right standing with God.   The woman on the other hand was a sinner in need of a Savior by the name of Jesus Christ. You can see that we are at two ends of the Spectrum here.

This  Pharisee who invites Jesus to his home treats him disrespectfully and pays him no attention but this woman who was considered sinful and was not even invited washed, kissed and poured perfume on his feet. The Pharisee did not see himself as a sinner needing forgiveness, grace or love. Yet this woman knew she needed forgiveness, needed grace and most definitely needed love. So she humbles herself and serves the Father while the prideful Pharisee does nothing.

Before this woman leaves Jesus makes two bold statements  “Your sins are forgiven” and “Your faith has saved you.” This is exactly what happens when you are saved. You come to the Father, acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of a Savior and you have faith that you receive forgiveness of your sins through Jesus. This is a story of Salvation. After you are saved you see that it was love that saved you and you know that it is not by works but by faith that you are saved. You are filled with thankfulness and you love much because much has been forgiven.

The ministry of Jesus was about people . He gave himself daily to the multitudes to the disciples and to those who needed healing. The works done by Jesus came from a place of love and every work He did was for others and not for himself. At times he even broke some rules to make a point that it was not regulations that gave you right standing with God but love for the Father. May we know that we have been forgiven much so that our love will be much.







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