No Bible Verse for this One

“And if you think you are so small and so not worth His time, think again He is totally listening to you I promise. I would not tell you this if it wasn’t so. “

I really did try to find a verse fitting for this post but I could not find one. Usually when I post it’s about what I read in the word that resonates with something I have lived or something I might be living at the moment. With this one incident that happened recently I only had faith to hold on to.Faith that came from the word, not just one verse that was memorized. Faith that came from other times where the Lord has shown me His goodness. And that’s just it, you can’t just throw a bible verse at someone and expect them to feel better and hold onto it. You have to truly believe what is coming out of your mouth. If you are telling them that God is a provider, then tell them how He has provided. If you want them to know that He is a God of the impossible show them what impossible things He has done. Is He a healer, how so? Has He been faithful, well when?This faith has to be alive. So , I just want to encourage you today with what the Lord has recently done for me.

Recently my car broke down on my way to work and was later towed away to the Dealers for inspection. Turns out it was going to cost us a pretty penny to get it fixed. A pretty penny yeah right! A whole lot of pennies, not just one! My husband and I began to try and figure out how we were going to deal with this. As we talked about our options I told Him we needed to pray, we needed to ask God for help. I knew God as a provider because He had provided for me personally in the past, I knew He loved me because He gave Jesus for me, and I knew He was a God of the impossible because He restored my marriage.

My prayer was that we would pay nothing to get my car up and running. I am not kidding, I prayed that we would pay zero out of pocket for this incident. My husband told me I was crazy, and well I am. And while I waited for the miracle I jokingly mentioned to God certain things that I wish would happen, and guess what? They happened. Very specific things, not coincidental things . Not only did He take my comments about how I would want things to play out but we payed zero out of pocket.

God is not a genie! He is not UberEats! And He is definitely not going to give you whatever you so desire! I believe He did this because He loves me and through it He strengthened my faith and taught me a lesson. He granted me grace with this incident. My husband and I did not deserve to get this paid by Him but He did, he payed the bill on this. He gives His kids good things. When He was answering my jokingly made remarks He was teaching me that HE listens. That there is a billion people in this world but I matter, just like you matter. He is always listening and nothing is impossible for Him.

So today as you think about your life think about this. We do not deserve grace but He willingly gives it because He loves us, its that simple. Whether it be for the forgiveness of sin with undeserved grace or a total bail out from a situation you got yourself into. And if you think you are so small and so not worth His time, think again He is totally listening to you I promise. I would not tell you this if it wasn’t so.So be bold and ask for help, but even if He does not answer the way you would like He will work good out of it.





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