Extra!Extra!Read All About It!! Jesus Accepts Sinners!

 You are a thief,a lying,corrupt, fornicating, cheating, and murderous human being, with evil at the root of your heart, you are a sinner.

I am hoping that my first sentences really captured your attention.
Maybe you can relate to one word up there, how about two, or three? If you can relate to one or more of these words then you are a sinner. And there is someone, that although you are a sinner would welcome you in.

Let me tell you about the accepting Jesus the “atheist” don’t tell you about. This man showed love in the way that no human being that has ever lived has shown. Jesus came to scream from the roof tops “Come to me all those who are weary and burdened.” Does this sound like a Jesus who would tell you that there is no room at his table? Who would take one look at you and write you off because of mistakes you have made?

His friends included prostitutes, tax collectors, blind men, liars, cheaters,the deaf, the lame and all those who were outcasts of society. While he was here on earth he healed so many and fed the masses. This man came to embrace those the world deems unlovable. Yet all the religious leaders hated him, despised him and wanted him dead. They did not like Him or what he stood for. You see Jesus taught that all, let me write that again, that ALL who would come and repent would be forgiven of their sins and would have ever lasting life.

So here is my point, Jesus says to come as you are. Do not wait until you are perfect or a better person because that my friend will never happen. He says to come as you are because he knows that you are battling thoughts of self hate . He knows that you are struggling with self worth. He says come as you are because he knows your secret sin, your addiction. He says come as you are because he knows the pain you are going through. There is no sin that is bigger than his love for you. There is no sin that he does not know about. There is no sin he cannot forgive. Extra!Extra!Read All About It! Jesus Accepts Sinners!



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