“What do your Friendships Look like?”

Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.
1 Samuel 18:03




I have been wanting to write about friendship for some time now since it is something so important to me. You see, I believe that friendships should build you up and help you grow. Below I will share what each of my friends have taught me and how I can see their love for me through their words and actions.

I love the story of Jonathan and David in the first book of Samuel. If you get the opportunity I really hope you read it.Long story short Jonathan truly loved David as he loved himself. Is that not the true measure of friendship? Not being envious towards your friend and letting her bloom? Not hating her but wishing her the best?  Not being sneaky but being loyal? I encourage you to read this story and think about what friends you might have and what kind of friend you want to be.


Her name is Chancla, that’s not really her name but for privacy I will call her that. When I met her I was in desperate need of a friend and she was truly an answered prayer. My Chancla has taught me that listening to God and abiding in His word is vital to following the Lord. That reading scripture is the best way to get to know our Father and learning His word is the only weapon we have against Satan the Liar.

Then there is my Punky, who has taught me that going to church does not make me a good follower of Christ but that loving others does. This was a hard lessons since I really believed that going to church made me more of a “Christian.” You can got to church every Sunday but if you do not love others then you are not living as the Lord commands. What benefit is it to you if you are going to church just to fill in the check mark that has been created as characteristic of a “good christian.”

For my next friend as hard as I tried I could not figure out a name for her. But nevertheless she has shown me that possessions are meaningless. No matter how much you store up for yourself it will not make you happy. Why worry about what you want to have when this life should be so much more than items. This life is so much more than a big screen T.V and so much more than an awesome car to drive around in. Yes it is okay to have “things” but don’t let them consume you, don’t let them become you. Those things you have do not MAKE you! As a side note , who cares what anybody thinks because things do not define you.

Last but not least is my Bean. I am closing with her because it is the most recent lesson that I am learning. A little hesitant on sharing this one because it is so intimate. Are you ready? It is totally okay to look “pretty” whatever that may be to you. It is okay to dress up and feel like a million bucks! It has nothing to do with being vain but with you feeling comfortable in your own skin. God made you beautiful in your own way. So, its okay to have your own style and embrace it.






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