The Reason Behind “notlostbutfound”



Hi Friend!! I started this blog because I did not see enough “real” blogging posts about walking with Christ. I know that there is a real sweet in between place where walking with God is as normal as the relationship you have with your best friend, your spouse or your closest parent. Where His greatness begins to seep into your life and you begin to be transformed from the inside out. I want  to show you the God that steps into your every day life . I want you to learn that the Bible is the way to knowing Christ.

You are no longer lost, you have been found, by a God that adores you and believes in you. By the Father who is in the details of His child’s life. By the Friend who hurts with you and will come right beside you. By the Healer who restores. By the Provider who always gives more than enough. By the King who commands and is the absolute.By the Savior who gave His life so that you may have yours.

I pray that as you read you begin to know that you are so loved. That you are here for a purpose. That your life is a masterpiece in the hands of the creator and that we are all connected by love. May you read and understand a piece of who He is to me and who He could be for you.

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